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The Annual Twins Days Festival

The Twins Days Festival is an annual gathering of twins, as well as any multiples and is held in Twinsburg, Ohio.


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Since we were young, Heather and I have always loved whales. It all started when we began going to Sea World (Ohio) each summer. But it wasn't until our vacation to Maui, Hawaii in 1997 that we became avid whale watchers. (I often refer to myself as a whale "fanatic") We have been all over the world to be with these wonderful mammals and they have touched our hearts in a way that is difficult to express with words. We'd like to share our photos, stories and journal excerpts with you; and hope you will enjoy the journey!

To learn more about whales, visit our Whale Facts & Whale Watching Information Page:

Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

Heather and I went on the most amazing vacation in February 2001...
We spent a week on the "Bottom Time II" ship in the middle of the ocean- having many soft in-water encounters with Humpback Whales!
We made many new friends and had an UNBELIEVABLE time!
Check out our pictures as well as excerpts from our journals...

Intro/ Days 1 - 3       Days 4 - 5/ Summary

Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic -Take 2
(March 21-29, 2008)

Photos from our 2008 trip

Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic -Take 3
(January 28-February 6, 2010)

Photos from our 2010 trip

Our Other Whale Adventures...

2002 Salt Cay- Turks & Caicos Humpback whales

Miscellaneous whale watching photos     2007 Blue Whales

Gray Whale migration along So Cal coast:
2005 season   2006 season  

Major Events and Exciting News to Report

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   Climate Crisis- An Inconvenient Truth: All about the movie... and links to this site--> Short Videos
   Facts about cigarette butts and litter: Cigarettes are the most littered item in America and the world
   International Fund for Animal Welfare: Take the time to see this site-- it has a powerful message!
   World Wildlife Fund: It's worth a peek... if you're an animal lover like us!
   National Wildlife Federation: A great charity!
   Environmental Electronic Cards: It's a great cause, and you'll make a friend smile!
   The National Park Service: Great information on our Park System
   American Red Cross: Have you given blood recently? You can give every 3 months!
   Earth Day Coalition: A local Cleveland environmental organization
     ****Check out the pictures from the 2001 EarthFest at the Cleveland Zoo

Indiana Renewable Energy Association     For My World


See great pictures of Maldives and send as e-cards or greetings to your friends

   Ashford University: Definately visit this site if you're interested in getting an online Bachelor's or MBA at a wonderful college!
   Bowling Green State University's Alumni site: Leslie's Alum... Go Falcons!
   Miami University's Alumni site: Heather's Alum... Go Redhawks!
   B.Witching Bath Co.: Great handmade soaps, lotions, foaming bath, candles & more! It's owned and operated by a very close friend!
   Ellis Eye and Laser Center: Want info on the LASIK eye procedure? BOTH Heather and I have gotten the surgery!
    Journey Of Discovery: A Journey of Discovery is for the woman who is longing for deeper meaning and purpose in her life... and WHALES!
   Leslie's list of movies: Leslie has been keeping a movie journal since 1985-- check out the list!

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