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Heather's Photo Page

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2006     2006     2006     2006     2006     2006

Fall 2005    Fall 2005    Fall 2005    Fall 2005    Fall 2005    Fall 2005
Gabby & Alex - snacking & watching tv
Oct 2005
Alex, giving his little sister a squeeze!
Oct 2005
Cute little girl...
.. wearing Grammy's wig!
Summer 2005

Alex as Darth Maul for Halloween
October 2005

Alex, showing off the loss of his 1st tooth
Summer 2005

Family vacation to San Diego, CA - November 2004

What's a trip to San Diego without a day at Sea World?!

.. a future whale watcher?
Gabby's 1st time at Sea World
Alex & Gabby w/ Shamu Alex w/ the beluga whales


Born February 16, 2004

February 4, 2005

February 4, 2005

A smiling Gabrielle
July 2004
Alex & Gabrielle
March 2004
"To eat or not to eat?...." hmmmmm
March 2004
Alex & Gabrielle
March 2004

March 2004
March 2004

Alex- Dressed up as a pirate
Fall 2002

Alex & Jenny - It snowed on Christmas Day! - 2002

Our Trip to Orlando, Florida! April 2002

Heather, Alex and Aunt Leslie spent the week in Orlando, for some relaxation and fun! By the 2nd-3rd day, everyone was sick (Alex got a cold and BOTH Heather and Leslie got the stomach flu)! It didn't stop us from going to Sea World 2 days in a row though! Alex really liked the sea lions, dolphins, and especially the manatees! Leslie considered doing the 'trainer' for the day- but decided to try it another time. Heather and Alex enjoyed MGM studio, seeing Bear in the Big Blue House and Mickey Mouse. The Wild Animal show at the resort was exciting! Alex liked seeing the animals from a distance, but got a little frightened when he got up close. Leslie was lucky enough to get her picture with a Florida Panther and even got to touch the cat! On the last day, Heather and Alex were out on the lake and Alex's Indians hat fell off the boat! It bummed him out--- but Aunt Leslie bought him a new one! :)

Alex, Heather & the Tiger! Alex, Leslie & the Lion! Heather-- freaking out because of the spider on her face!
Alex, at Sea World Sea World- dolphins Heather, Alex & Mickey Mouse
Leslie, Heather and Alex (at the Resort) Alex, chilling out by the pool

Alex and Heather-
with the beautiful fall colors
Alex and Aunt Leslie, at the Cleveland Zoo- GO INDIANS!
Nov 2001
Christmas 2001- Alex got LOTS of toys!
Alex- I guess he was trying to stay warm?
Or just being silly!
(Sept 2001)
Alex- in the morning with his coffee and newspaper! (Nov 2001) Alex- is this the beginning of a modeling career?
(Fall 2001)

ALEX's 2nd Birthday Party!
June 30th, 2001

Alex and Mommy Alex blowing out allll those candles! Alex- the birthday boy!
Alex- saying "cheese" once again for Aunt Leslie

Katie & Alex- playing!? (March 2001) Alex- Go OSU!
(Feb 2001)
Leslie & Alex (March 2001)

Alex- "GOAL" (Christmas 2000) Leslie, Alex & Heather (Christmas 2000)
Alex- smiling for the camera! (Nov 2000) Alex- acting so cute (Nov 2000)

Alex (Oct 2000)

Dave, Heather and Alex (May 2000)
Alex- July 2000 Snack time for Alex (and Oakley!)
Gotta love these pups! Wrigley & Oakley

Crosby Golf Tournament in Winston-Salem, NC

Heather, with Scott Wolf (Party of Five) at the Crosby Golf Tournament
Heather and Matt (David's dad on Beverly Hills 90210).. also a twin! Heather with Joshua Morrow

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