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The Twins Days Festival is an annual gathering of twins, as well as any multiples and is held in Twinsburg, Ohio. Heather and I have been attending the festival since 1978... and have only missed a few years! We look forward to it each year..... it is a chance to meet new people, see old friends, and show off our "twinness"! We were honored to be recognized as the Queens of the Royal Court during the 1996 festival!!!
We joined the Twins Days Association in 1997 and are doing everything we can to promote the festival! We're forever approaching twins and asking, "Have you heard of the Festival?....." It is exciting!

Where did our love for whales come from? At a very young age, we were introduced to Orcas at SeaWorld (of Ohio). We both wanted to be whale trainers.. but never followed that dream. Leslie saw her first 'wild' whale off the coast of Boston in 1993- a ~75 ft FIN whale! Then, in 1997, we took a vacation to Maui and it happened to be prime time for the Humpback whales 'winter' breeding season. This kicked it into high gear and officially made us whale "fanatics". It's difficult to put into words, but being in the presence of large whales results in a spiritual experience.

Bowling Green State University's Alumni site: Leslie's Alum... Go Falcons!

Leslie's list of movies: She has been keeping a movie journal since 1985!

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Journey Of Discovery: A Journey of Discovery is for the woman who is longing for deeper meaning and purpose in her life... and WHALES!

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