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A "Leslie" Original- perfect lighting this day (Maui- 1998) Humpback Whale breaching- from one of my many whale watching trips (Northern California- 1999)
Color version of the photo

Humpback whale fluke (Northern California -1999) Humpback whales feeding
(Northern California -1999)
Gorilla at the San Diego Zoo (2004)
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo- Lazy Lion Sea World (San Diego)- Football, anyone? 2004

Animals twin_sis' Animals photoset

*** Architecture ***

Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame- 2002
My first time using black & white film!
I spent the day walking around downtown Cleveland.. these were 2 of my favorites!
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2002 trip
Las Vegas 2002
Luxor Resort & Casino New York New York Resort & Casino
Las Vegas 2002- Luxor Resort  Las Vegas 2002 - NewYork NewYork

*** Miscellaneous ***

The Blue Angels
Cleveland National Air Show


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