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Gray Whale Migration along the San Diego coast
Saturday, 08/15/2009
ACS Blue whale watch- Channel Islands
Mood:  happy

Myself and a few friends from the Musuem Whalers group joined the American Cetacean Society members on a full day whale watch trip out of Santa Barbara to the Channel Islands (on the Condor Express)...

One word can describe it.... INCREDIBLE!!   A Minke whale, some common dolphins, and...  BLUE & HUMPBACK whales!   I was not expecting to see the Humpbacks-- and they were lunge feeding, breaching, fluking & pec slapping.  One of them gave a great show of pec slapping...  throwing the pecs up in the air- back and forth for about ~20 minutes!  And, we saw 2 breaches (of course, I missed the 'shot' and only captured the splash at the end).  The feeding behaviour was amazing.. lunge after lunge.. one time there were 2 humpbacks going in opposite directions, feeding right next to each other!   

Turned around to the other side of the boat, only to see a BLUE whale lunge feeding!   The abundance of krill was evident---these whales just didn't stop feeding!    Seeing a ~80 ft Blue whale with it's mouth gaping open was spectacular.   We came upon a mother & calf - something I had never seen before.   How cute!

All in all, we were blessed to see ~15-20 Blue whales, 20-25 Humpback whales, 1 minke whale & the dolphins. 

Heather is definitely going to join me on next summer's cruise!   

Posted by Leslie at 7:25 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 08/23/2009 7:42 PM PDT

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