Twinsburg, Ohio

The 1999 Twins Days Festival- "Two of a Kind in '99"


Heather & Leslie
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Andrew & Anthony.... are you doublemint twins?
Meet Niklas & Frerick P., who came all the way from Stockholm, Sweden! John & Charles.... checking out their digital photos
Did ya know.. they're the webmasters for the official & 'unofficial' Twins Days websites
I couldn't pass up taking a pic of these 2 precious girls I met these girls at the Holiday Inn party on Saturday night- they did their best to stay up late!

*** The 1998 Twins Days Festival ***


Greg & Jamie, Frank & Vince, Andrew & Anthony- 1998 Flats 'Twinfest' Heather, Richie & Leslie - 1998 Twins Days
This picture was taken in the Flats (Cleveland, OH 1998).... where we hope to FREAK people out and make them believe that they are 'seeing' double! Heather, Richie & Leslie (Twins Days 1998)
You can even find triplets at Twins Days!!
(Rosalin, Amber & Marlene)
These girls are so cute! Notice their ribbons? They probably won in the "most look-alike" contest!

*** Past Twins Days Festival ***


1997 97flats 1996 leslieright1996
First Annual Flats "Twinfest"....(1997) Heather & Leslie (1996)
leslieheather_tdays1995web 1995_tdays95web
Leslie & Heather (1995) Heather & Leslie with Colleen & Aileen (1995)
Group photo (Aug 6, 1995)
Triplets! (Aug 1, 1992)
1989_tripletsweb 1989web
Rosalin, Amber & Marlene
(1989 Twins Days)
Larry & Jerry (1989 Twins Days)
Leslie & Heather
*at their 1st Twins Days Festival-1977*

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I hope you've enjoyed the pictures!
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