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~~~ 29th Annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio ~~~
"The Largest Gathering of Twins in the World"

~~~ FRIDAY- AUGUST 6, 2004 ~~~
*Weiner Roast at Dodge Middle School*
*Friday Night at the Hudson Holiday Inn*


John & Chris with Danielle & Michelle


Leslie & Heather w/ Gabrielle


Gary & Larry Lane
Nico & Cruz (21 mo old identical boys; 2nd year)

Hoosier twins w/ ??, ??

FRIDAY NIGHT at the Hudson Holiday Inn
I walked around by myself (Heather was back in the room with Gabrielle), and ended up in the lounge, talking to Jim & Tom. Someone had left out a box of 'extra' pictures from past festivals for people to 'take'. I thought that was a great idea! I'm going to bring my stack of reprints to add to the box next year. I spent awhile looking through the pictures, and I finally found a couple of Heather & me (from 1995). Jim & Tom didn't believe it-- thought that I really didn't have a twin... so I got a photo album from my room and I showed Jim & Tom the album. There was 1 picture of them; wearing the same shirt they had on tonight! After seeing Jim & Tom at the festival over the years, I enjoyed finally getting to know these 2 nice guys!!
I stayed up until 1:30am - talking with Chris & John, and Andrew. Anthony showed up with Joshua and his twin girls.

The pool party started... and the music was LOUD- the base thumping lasted until at least 3:30am! I know because we were in room 110- right down the hall from the lobby! Oh, and the fire alarm went off at 7am. Thankfully Gabrielle was able to sleep through all the noise. From Leslie's Journal

~~~ SATURDAY- AUGUST 7, 2004~~~

At the Festival

We had beautiful weather today-- mid 70s. We picked up our registration packets and found out we were #160 registered! We spent the day walking around; getting our button picture; talking with old friends; taking pictures of the cute babies. We didn't make it to the group photo and we decided not to sit through the Most Alike Females contest because 1) we didn't think we looked very much alike this year and 2) we had Gabrielle with us. She was a trooper today! What a good baby. Heather is blessed.

I also made a point to find Jim & Tom- so I could post a picture of them up on the website! On the walk back to the car, we realized that we hadn't seen Nick & Jim, Keith & Kevin or Tom & Larry... We missed you guys this year!!!
From Leslie's Journal


gabrielle snoozing
Gabrielle, snoozing!

Gabrielle, smiling for her Aunt Leslie :)


Heather & Leslie, John & Charles,  ???

2004 Kings:  John & Charles  with ??

Danielle & Michelle

Jim & Tom


Brian & Brad

Saturday Night at the Hudson Holiday Inn

After a long nap...  Heather and I met up with Chris & John for dinner.  We went to the Mavis Winkle's Irish Pub
The food was yummy and the service was AWESOME!  

I had to enjoy the HHI party alone this year... because we couldn't find a babysitter for Gabrielle! It was strange not having Heather with me; it just wasn't the same. I was up until 2am- talking w/ Andrew; hanging out with Chris & John; watching the '20-somethings' acting crazy on the dance floor and in the Pool area.
Not by choice, I stayed up until 4:30am! I was told that they were still serving beer; and the party going on in the Pool area was OUT OF CONTROL. People were jumping into the pool with clothes on, and the music was extremely loud. The base was so high, I wasn't able to hear the music! Even ear plugs didn't work (John & Charles, thanks for the ear plugs)! I tried to get the hotel to turn down the music, but the manager at the front desk told me that it was out of their hands-- that the festival committe was responsible...!!?!?! whatever!
Moral of this story: Ask for a room as FAR from the pool as possible! From Leslie's Journal

John & Chris with Lynn & Lori

Leslie with Ron & Randy

~~~ SUNDAY- AUGUST 8, 2004 ~~~

At the Festival

The Spongebob boys!

Twins from Ghana, w/ Kevin & Keith Lee (from NY) * It's Kevin & Keith's 1st year at the festival!

Andrew, Anthony, Kendall, Kirsten & Joshua

Shelby & Shaylan

Gabrielle with John

Chris & John @ the food tent

As expected, the 2004 Festival was FUN!

The countdown to 2005 begins....

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and stories from the 2004 festival!
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