~ 28th Annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio ~
"The Largest Gathering of Twins in the World"

*2003 PhOtOs*

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We both had 12-13 inches cut off - all to benefit Locks of Love
Locks of Love is a charity that provides wigs for kids that have lost their hair because of cancer
A big thanks to Gina (at Dino Palmieri) for doing such a great job!

~~~ FRIDAY- AUGUST 1, 2003 ~~~
~Weiner Roast @ Dodge Middle School~
~Friday Night at the Hudson Holiday Inn~
hilltwins_8010328 p1010344 p1010340
Anthony & Andrew Ariel & Alicia with Stefanie & Kathy
Andrew & Anthony w/ ??
file0002 p8010329
Leslie & Heather with Bart & Burt Heather & Leslie with Colleen & Aileen

~~~ SATURDAY- AUGUST 2, 2003~~~
At the festival
Heather & Alex Leslie with the CA state flag twins with twin babies!
Heather & Alex Leslie with the CA State Flag
file0012  file0006 file0005
"Q" & "Zim" at the Twins Contests area John & Karl w/ the Hershey's Kiss Sue & Sandy with their twins! (Chicago)
file0007 file0008 p1010333
Beer Garden- group photo Rick & Vic with Cleopatra (the parrot)
(Las Vegas)
Most Alike Males 26-35 yrs old
(John & Chris)
Cute little girls

Saturday Night at the Hudson Holiday Inn
p1010341 p1010349 p1010377
Leslie & Andrew with John & Charles
"Mind the Gap" - inside joke between Andrew & Leslie
Heather & Leslie with Brent & Sean John & Karl w/ ??
p1010335 p1010343 p1010336
Nick & Jim with Heather & Leslie Ron & Randy with Heather & Leslie Keith & Kevin with Leslie & Heather
p1010347 p1010338 p1010348
Leslie & Heather Heather & Leslie w/ Alicia & Ariel Leslie & Heather w/ Chris & John

~~~ SUNDAY- AUGUST 3, 2003~~~
Bowling @ Roseland Lanes
Entertainment  file004 Cute t-shirts
Kevin & David-- performing in the Entertainment Tent Look at those big hats!! ("Q" & "Zim", John & Charles, and ??) Cute t-shirts!
Click picture to read the shirt
Heather & Leslie w/ Jeff & Jim Leslie & Heather w/ Carol & Cheryl Leslie & Heather w/ Karl & John
losers_f_p1010355_web bowling_p1010356_web johncharles_p1010353_web
The losers with the winners of the Most Alike Females 25-35 contest Bart & Burt, Mike & one of the Thiel brothers,and Peggy, Patty & their younger sister, Louise (from Jasper, IN) John & Charles R.
p1010352 p1010354
Leslie & Heather with Kristy & Lisa (Indianapolis, IN) Bart & Burt with brother Mike

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