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~~~ "PRE" Twins Days ~~~

hill_zoo0702_2                 hill_zoo0702_4

Anthony & his family at the Cleveland Zoo

~~~ Friday- AUGUST 2, 2002 ~~~
Filming Good Morning America Can you believe we woke up at 5:30am to be on tv!? On the way to the golf course, we won a trivia contest on my favorite radio station- Q104 FM. I had some friends and relatives call and ask if that was Heather and I on GMA! How cool. p8020203.jpg
7am at GlenEagle Golf Course... ... to be on Good Morning America!
p8020205 p8020209 p8020210
Anthony & Andrew
(West Virginia)
John & Chris
(Pittsburgh, PA & Cincinnati, OH)
Heather & Leslie
~~~ Friday- Welcome Weiner Roast at Dodge Middle School ~~~

As always, it was hot and alot of people showed up! An Independent Film was being shot in the Dodge Gymnasium- and they needed twins for the shot. We each got paid a penny to dance in a 100 degree gym for approximately 3 hours! As the night wore on, more and more people left. But, Heather and I lasted until the end. I'm not sure if I'll ever see the movie, but it was an experience!
p8020212 p8020213.jpg p8020214.jpg
John & Chris with ???? Heather & Leslie with Dave & Dan Dave & Dan's WEIRD truck
p8020215 p8020216 p8020219
~~~ Friday night at the Hudson Holiday Inn ~~~

fri_nagels02 Steve and Jeff (fri_nagels02_2) p8020223
Leslie & Heather with Steve & Jeff Steve & Jeff- with their AWESOME shirts!
Dayton, OH
John & Chris
Heather & Leslie

~~~ SATURDAY- AUGUST 3, 2002 ~~~

Double Take Parade & Festival
After about 4 hours of sleep, Heather and I decided to go to the Double Take Parade. In all the years that we have been coming to the festival, this was only the 3rd parade we've attended (1978 & 1996)! It was alot of fun, so I am sure we will be joining our friends in the parade from now on. Did I mention how hot it was?!
p8020224 sat_hillparade02 p8020225
Andrew & Anthony
p8030231 p8030230 p8030229
Heather, John, Chris, & Leslie Andrew, Richie, & Anthony
p8030233 p8030235 p8030237
p8030240 p8030243
~~~ At the Festival ~~~
p8030244 p8030246 p8030247
Twins contests -
Most Alike Males 36-45
Chris & John Lane twins, Ganz twins, & the Ashford twins
sat_kklh02.jpg sat_falco02.jpg sat_tomlarry02.jpg
Keith & Kevin
Heather & Leslie
Nick & Jim
Kristy & Erica
Tom & Larry
Leslie & Heather
~~~ SATURDAY NIGHT -August 3, 2002~~~
Hudson Holiday Inn Party
sat_karljohn02.jpg sat_hl02.jpg sat_twins02.jpg
Karl & John- 1st year!
Ontario, Canada
Heather & Leslie Hill twins x2!
Sanders twins x2

~~~ SUNDAY- AUGUST 4, 2002 ~~~

At the Festival
Cosmic Bowling
Heather had to leave early to drive home to Indiana, so I was left to hang out with all our friends! I spent the day at the festival, then later had dinner with Nick and Jim. Afterwards, I went to the bowling alley to join Keith & Kevin and the others for a few games! This was the first time I've gone to the bowling event and it was a blast! Heather and I will definately stay late on Sunday to join all the other twins for bowling! I ended the 4th game with 3 strikes in a row... which is unheard of for me! After saying goodbye to everyone, I drove home... thinking that another Twins Days was over and another year to wait to see all my 'twin' friends again!
p8040249.jpg p8040253.jpg p8040261.jpg
Kendell & Kirsten
West Virginia
Karl & John with Brian & Brad Karl & John with Leslie
p8040251.jpg p8040255.jpg p8040258.jpg
John(twin A) & David
My friend Diana, with her nephews
(David & John)
John & David
p8040263.jpg p8040262.jpg p8040264.jpg
Karl & John, Laura & Lena, and ?? Karl & John with w/ ?
p8040265.jpg p8040266.jpg p8040267.jpg
Colleen & Aileen
p8040269.jpg p8040273.jpg p8040272.jpg
Galen & Leslie Nick & Jim with ??
p8040274.jpg p8040276.jpg p8040275.jpg
Nick & Jim, Galen & Leslie Leslie & Brandi
(my bowling partner)
Keith & Kevin  Cincinnati, OH
p8040277.jpg p8040278.jpg p8040279.jpg
Keith & Kevin, Scott & Brian, Kristy & Erica, Debbie & Lisa Steve & Jeff with Debbie & Lisa
Another Twins Days over...
People often wonder why the festival is so special to twins. Heather and I look forward to the weekend throughout the year because it gives us an opportunity to reunite with GOOD friends and to meet new friends (Karl & John!)... It allows us to celebrate our special bond, one that is difficult to explain. Did I mention how fun it is? I think the pictures speak a thousand words. All the smiles and good times. It also gives us an excuse to go on a shopping spree once a year! As our friends Chris and John say, "The calendar revolves around Twins Days... 365 days and counting until Twins Days..." We're always sad on the last day of the festival- all the goodbyes and hugs... but we know that we'll be in touch with some of our twin friends throughout the year.. and we will see the others again in a year.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and stories from the 2002 festival!
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