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To all my friends: I have more photos loaded on Snapfish.com!
If you'd like to see them, please send me an email & I'll send you the link!
Photo albums include: July 4th (2001), Summer 2001, July 4th (2002), Summer 2002 and Air Show 2002!

Leslie & Simon
Nov 2003
Leslie, Ami & Diana
My friend Carl & I at BGSU (Homecoming)
October 2002

Cleveland National Air Show 2002

Wilbur, Ellen, Gabrielle, & Guido Ellen, Diana, Leslie & Gabrielle Leslie & Griff
Leslie & Guido Gabe, Ben & Jason Gabe, Leslie, Ben & Jason
Isn't there a weight limit?! Click to see larger image = ) Diana & Leslie Leslie- ready to fly the plane! :)
Ben, Brian, Gabe, Griff, Wilbur, & Jason- GO NAVY!

New Years 2002
Marsella, Diana, Ellen, Cathleen & Leslie
"Tony & Tina's Wedding" 2002
Ellen, Leslie, Mike, Angelo, Gus & Diana
Leslie & Babs at the Central Park Garth Brooks Concert (1997)
One of the better pics of me (1997) Heather and I, back in the early days!
Heather & Leslie
(Heather and Dave's Wedding- 1993)
My friend Diana and I, in a GREAT Italian restaurant (San Francisco-1998)
Ashley and Leslie- Ashley's Wedding
(Skaneateles, New York- May 2000)
Debbie, Jennifer and Leslie - Jenn's Wedding 2000
Max and Leslie- Bishop's Castle, Colorado
(June 2000)
Singapore Hard Rock Cafe- Hali, Leslie and Ed
(April 2000) All business, of course!!
Stephanie and Leslie (Sept 2000)
Leslie and Aric
(San Diego, CA -July 1998)
Leslie, the treehugger-
Yosemite Nat'l Park, CA
(Sept 1998)
Scott Howick, Leslie, Ravenna & Heather -
the "MajicTwins" at work
Leslie & Heather- Cleveland National Air Show (1995)
Leslie- in the Army's Golden Knight's Plane-- as they are jumping out over Cleveland
Yes.. I was locked in! (1996)
Paul, Leslie & Michael (Morgins, Switzerland- 1997)
My cat- Azure ...
She made her journey to Kitty Heaven on 9/20/03- She will be missed.

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